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Boat Pod... pros and cons

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Boat Pod... pros and cons

Postby FisHunter Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:11 pm

Hi guys,

Thinking of putting a pod on my swifcraft expolrer.
Mainly looking for some info before i make my mind up.
Has anyone got advise in regards to pros and cons, some idea of pricing and what type of pod is better or worse.
Main motivation is to clean up the transom a bit and make some more fishing room.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Re: Boat Pod... pros and cons

Postby Evo552 Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:47 pm

I guess I can think these 2 considerations for now.

1 Rear weight. With the pod you move the weight of the motor back further away from the trailer axle, see if you can gauge the current towball weight first. If you ever up power and get a bigger motor it will exaggerate the issue.

2 Pod height for motor. Depending if its shape, a full width extra pod or a centre pod it will affect the most effective prop height.

I've got no idea about prices.

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