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Barwon Heads - River Entrance

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Barwon Heads - River Entrance

Postby Dunworken Wed Mar 09, 2016 2:58 pm

Hi Folks,

I've never taken the boat out of Barwon Heads and I would appreciate any advice regarding safe passage, any hazards etc. EG reefs, water depth, when entrance may break ...... :?:

Also how much clearance is there under the bridges a high water? Antennas are not cheap!

I've eyeballed it heaps but that's not the same as going out and returning safely.


PS I wont cry if anyone wants to message me any GPS marks either, especially the reef off Ocean Grove ;)

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Re: Barwon Heads - River Entrance

Postby stormin Wed Mar 09, 2016 8:21 pm

Ive fished barwon heads for a few years,ill send you a pm.

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