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Reports from the rest of Victoria that do not fit anywhere else.
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Postby ThomasG Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:17 pm

So we went out this Morning, was a bit swelly early but settled down nicely.
Fish were hard to come by but in a nutshell we came in with 9 nice Pinkies and a few Squid.
Was amazed how many boats were out still chasing Kings.

Does any one know how far off the bottom, will snapper come up to take a bait ?
How far off the bottom will those huge rays come up to take a bait ? Was sick to death of the bloody things.
I am going to mark my lines and drift all my bigger baits.

Backed the trailer down to retrieve, Mrs drove on. Couple of Ramp Rats hanging around (not locals). When they saw my Old woman climbing out of the boat, one of them said in a loud voice...."Hah ! wouldnt let a woman drive my boat" .
It made my wonder, Does he even have a boat ?, does he know that woman has caught more fish, and driven more boats in more places than he will ever see.
Should I have asked him if he has caught Zambian Tiger fish in Africa, or Piranha in the Amazon. What about Giant Cod and huge Ling in Canada and Alaska ?.
Thats a few of the fish and places my "Woman" has done.
I am quite an Ocker sort of Aussie but I get quite pissed off
at these Neanderthals that still think it is a mens World only.
The "Woman", he referred to would run rings around this fool.


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Re: Loudmouths

Postby TIM Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:39 pm

Don't let it get to us mate. You know what your other half is capable of and realy that's all that matters. By the sounds of it you have a very good wife I wish I could get my missus to fish but that's not gunna happen. Keep doing what your doing and ignore dicks like that. From what you said I'm very jealous of what she has done.

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Re: Loudmouths

Postby roddyy66 Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:54 pm

I wouldn't worry about it Thomas.
As he said "I wouldn't let woman drive my boat. "
Bet he doesn't have a woman to put up with his wanker attitude.
My 2 bob.

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Re: Loudmouths

Postby mrfisho Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:00 pm

I agree forget about the wankers you and your woman know the truth of it :)


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Re: Loudmouths

Postby skifalls Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:23 pm

Mate don't let it get to you, there are always d**kheads in this world who have a clear lack of respect for women. Best response is no response, just ignore the idiots.

Cheers Mat

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Re: Loudmouths

Postby AlphaPrime Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:52 pm

You should of replyed "Why?.. Doesn't your Husband let you drive his boat?" lol

Cheers, Anth

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