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Savage Centurion 480 SPX - your thoughts?

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Savage Centurion 480 SPX - your thoughts?

Postby Dudley Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:50 pm

Hi Guys,

Have been fishing few years mainly WP, first boat bought was a 16ft sportscraft with a 115hp merc blueband and starting to just be one problem after another now
Now that I've got some experiance on the water, I wanted to upgrade, have been looking for awhile and recently found this Savage Centurion 4.8 SPX in NSW and I like it. I'm from Narre Warren, so I'm going to drive up on the weekend and inspect and most likely buy it. I wanted to see what other peoples opinions of the boat are first and if anyone has owned\been in one, what they're experiance was and what they thought. Owner wants 20 for it atm. Going to try crunch him a bit if I can. From what I can see in the photos, the boat is in excellent condition and has definately been looked after by a perfectionist. Everything is custom and well fitted - from what the photos show anyway.

Suzuki 4 stroke 90 123 hrs 2010 model with cover
Last serviced at 90 hours
Custom stainless bimini, 2 mtrs high Full clears, storm, and storage covers
Custom stainless 7 rod rocket launcher
Custom stainless bait station
Custom live bait pump/tank set-up
Lowrance HDS 5 combo
27 Mhz radio
Removable rear seats.
Fish toes under and against the cushions right up next to the motor, perfect for the big stuff
All safety gear, flares, 5 jackets, v-sheet, e-pirb(GPS), fire extinguisher
Sand and rock anchor
Cabin LED, deck lights, deck flood LED
3 x 25 ltr fuel tanks 2004 blue fin trailer in good nic
Electric winch

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Re: Savage Centurion 480 SPX - your thoughts?

Postby blacklab Thu Sep 26, 2013 4:32 pm

hi Dudley,
good on you for going for an upgrade.
I don't know the boat, so I cant comment, im sure others will.
but one thing I would STRONGLY advise I too bought my cruise craft fron Sydney, but first !! before I even went up to look, buy, etc was I got a complete survey and re- purchase inspection, cost me around $ 400 dollars, of which I got a complete breakdown from scratches to motor compressions. the owner when I went up there said the guy was there for nearly 4 hours going over the boat. I also received photo's of everything.
maybe your just going for a look, I actually wanted the model I bought, so it was down to, motor condition and obviously hull condition. so when the positive news came thru, then I went up with dollars in hand and was 95 % sure I was coming home with it.
I would look at seeing that boat locally first, get a good look at whether that's the model your after, if it is you can get the survey, and do what I did.
ive just heard some horror stories of inter state purchases,

look that's only my opinion,
hope it works out for you, its an exciting time buying a boat :)

good luck


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