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Supertrawlers in NT

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Supertrawlers in NT

Postby mrfisho Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:18 pm

Senate committee considers prospect of supertrawlers in NT, with AFANT

THE Northern Territory Seafood Council has welcomed the prospect of foreign supertrawlers plying Territory waters as a federal senate committee considers the environmental impacts the boats could have on Australian fisheries.

In a submission to the senate committee, NT Seafood Council chairman Rob Fish said there were a number of benefits of large trawlers, which can exceed 100m in length.

“Larger scale vessels are more efficient through economies of scale, are able to access areas further offshore (taking pressure off high-use and high-conflict inshore areas), provide better facilities for crew, allow for better coverage by fisheries observer programs and provide a higher degree of safety in an area subject to cyclones,” Mr Fish said.

He also said that “popular campaigns and emotive opinions” should not take the place of scientific management of fisheries.

“Traditionally, in the industry, the definition of a ‘large boat’ is ‘any boat bigger than mine’. The same definition could be applied to a ‘supertrawler’,” Mr Fish said. “Imposing an arbitrary definition on what is a ‘large scale’ fishing vessel based on a particular vessel size, and in response to public opinion, runs the risk of stifling investment and reducing opportunities for efficient, sustainable and safe fisheries development.”

But the Amateur Fisherman’s Association NT has argued that supertrawlers have a history of scooping up tons of bycatch.

“This wasteful practice is extremely concerning to recreational fishermen,” AFANT executive officer Tristan Sloan said.

Mr Sloan pointed to the Dutch-managed Geelong Star having killed nine dolphins and four seals between April and December, and said attempts to reduce dolphin deaths have been ineffective.

“Large capacity fishing vessels pose an unacceptable risk to threatened and protected marine species in Australian waters,” he said, adding that there had been no formal stock assessment of the species that supertrawlers would likely target.

Mr Sloan’s concerns were largely echoed by the Victorian Recreational Fishing Peak Body, which has clashed with the operators of supertrawlers there.

Unease about the environmental impacts of supertrawlers in Australian waters dates back to 2012, when then federal environment minister Tony Burke imposed a two-year ban on Dutch-owned supertrawler FV Margiris, which Seafood Tasmania had planned on operating in Tasmania.

Submissions to the senate committee close Friday, with a report expected by April.

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Re: Supertrawlers in NT

Postby ThomasG Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:49 pm

And so it begins

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Re: Supertrawlers in NT

Postby Kolomanski Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:29 pm

As the supertrawlers destroy the fishing in the Atlantic, they will come and do the same here.. and local "seafood" industry welcomes them with open arms so that they can use economies of scale to rip every last breeding fish out of the ocean as they have done in their northern waters. Want some empirical data? Not that the seafood industry takes one bit of notice of it! For an international example, try the great Cod Wars where the international commercial fleets destroyed the cod stocks from Norway to New Foundland! In the end, the countries sent naval vessels to protect their interests. But finally, it was the commercial fishermen who lost out the most. Just goes to prove that history just repeats itself!

And the "mackerel wars"? ... 49099.html

Hasn't the NT Government sold their port to the Chinese? (99 year lease to be precise, but non of us or our kids will live to see it back in Aussie hands). Thankfully, the Chinese has agreed to allow our navy to dock at their wharf.

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