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Victorian Recreational Boating Infrastructure (P)1

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Victorian Recreational Boating Infrastructure (P)1

Postby mrfisho Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:35 pm

A Challenge to OUR Religion

What is the issue? Not enough money is spent by the State Government even though they collect it and the law says they must spend it!
• For too many years successive State Governments have collected fees from recreational boaters for the express purpose of funding boat ramps (registration, licensing, Boating Safety and Facilities fee, taxes) – indeed the registration fee has been collected since 1961!
What is the result?
As a result of poor State Government investment Victorian recreational boating facilities provide the worst service levels in the Nation.
• Recreational boaters in metropolitan areas are now subject to queuing times of up to 3 hrs
• Recreational boaters are damaging their boats (a large investment in a chosen recreation) on poorly maintained facilities
• Recreational boaters are suffering poor safety outcomes due to having to worry more about long queues (launching earlier i.e. 2am) and poor infrastructure (forget something important)
• Boaters are now stopping boating (i.e. Registration % growth decline, Rec Lic # decline)

What is the fix?
• The State Coalition Government must honour it’s election commitment to recreational boaters
Coalition’s Plan for Stronger Industry and More Jobs policy (p14):
Support the recreational boating industry with special emphasis on the sufficiency, maintenance, design and management of boat-launching facilities and marinas.

• The State Coalition Government must implement the VRFish Boat Ramp Report recommendations

How much did the government collect?
In 2011-12 the government collected more than $30 million dollars in fees directly from boaters
• This includes $10 Million dollars for the Boating Safety and Facilities Program fee

Section 312 Marine Safety Act directs that the BS&FP fee must be collected, must be spent by the Minister and MUST be spent on boat ramps. This is the same law that the State Coalition Government changed last year to give recreational boaters $700 penalty infringement fines. But they can ignore their own law!

How much did the Government spend on boat ramps last year?
• The State Coalition Government spent $2.64 Million dollars last year under the Infrastructure category of the BS&FP

Key Statistics
The Problem is no one can launch their boats:
Less than 3% of the recreational boaters can launch on any good weather day!
• 172,000 registered recreational vessels in Victoria (Sept 30th 2013)
• 98% of all registered vessels are trailer boats
• 68% of the registered trailer boats use Port Phillip and Westernport Bays
• 140,000 recreational vessels (registered/non registered) use PP & WP Bays
• Councils are about to enforce Road Rule 200 (long vehicle can only stop in residential area 1hour) – there will be no overflow parking in the streets!
• Less than 3,000 car trailer unit spaces are provided at metropolitan boat ramps (i.e. WP & PP Bays)
• The State Government has been collecting fees from recreational boaters for boat ramps since 1961 (That’s over 50 Years!)
• It would only cost about $7.5 million per year to fix the problem!

Note: Recent economic research shows that recreational boaters operating on Port Phillip and Westernport Bays kick in $955 Million dollars per year to the State economy and this boating activity generates over 14,000 jobs. This economic contribution was found to be 7 times that of the Spring Racing Carnival and was comparable to Tullamarine Airports input into the Victorian economy!
What did the government invest last year under the boating infrastructure category of the Boating Safety and Facilities Program? $2.64 Million!
The Minister for Ports doesn’t consider this an issue because he hasn’t heard from boaters!

The Hon David Hodgett – Minister for Ports
Email Address:

Ministerial Office
Address 36/121 Exhibition St, Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone (03) 9653 9700

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Re: Victorian Recreational Boating Infrastructure (P)1

Postby tjp Fri Nov 22, 2013 10:45 pm

May have to go back to shore fishing lol

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Re: Victorian Recreational Boating Infrastructure (P)1

Postby luckyed Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:16 pm

OK Mick you have made your point. All our fishos should now support the cause.

So do it !!!!!

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Re: Victorian Recreational Boating Infrastructure (P)1

Postby melb44 Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:03 am

Letter sent his morning.... Let see if I even get a response

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snapper jack
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Re: Victorian Recreational Boating Infrastructure (P)1

Postby snapper jack Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:35 pm

Its not just Altona that is out of hand , Werribee and the warmies just as bad .Spoke to Werribee council about the issue told them that growth in the area has tripled. Sent them photos of the cars as far as the park and emails even sent them a diagram were to build a new ramp with ample parking, There reply was, We have no intentions of opening up any new ramps in Werribee the near future , Due to the lack of government funding's. Quote that we have done improvements to the existing ramp and further funding's towards the boat ramp have NOT been granted.

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