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Are your life jackets legal

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Are your life jackets legal

Postby mrfisho Wed Jul 26, 2017 6:46 pm

After being checked by the water police on Monday I learnt a few things I didn't realize..
1: You should be checking your jacket build date
2: You should be checking the manufacture's website for servicing details
3: You need to have them checked BEFORE you buy as many are out of date by years from sitting on the shelf
4: Make sure the servicing details are complete and filled out ON the jacket

The police were good about explaining the in's and out's of how it all works .. One thing was clear they are on a mission to let boaties know that once the warmer months start there will not be any warnings .. On the water we could have got some heafty fines for NOT having any life jackets the one's we had were not serviced and out of date by up to 3 years ! Mind you the Jackets were purchased only a few months ago with the new boat .

So guys time to get into your boats and check your safety gear :)



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