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Fibreglass Rust Stain Removal.

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Fibreglass Rust Stain Removal.

Postby Evo552 Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:54 pm

Hi all, thought I’d share a success story that some may be interested in.
Unfortunately I didn’t take a “before” shot, but I’m sure you know what the rust stains on fibreglass look like.
I was careful not to overdo the spray application because I wasn’t sure how the gel coat would react to the spray.
But it worked - with an old toothbrush to get right into the corner of the rod holder.
The product I used is called Glitz - Calcium Scale Rust. Available at the big hardware house.
About $10. It’s a silver plastic spray bottle.
I made sure I hosed the area well after scrubbing with the toothbrush and I can’t see any negative effects on the gel coat.


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