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Re: Thanks Mick

Postby Double87 Mon May 19, 2014 8:32 am

Agree with all comments and sentiments. Joined many years ago when we had just 375 members. Mick and Anita have been great in organising many events and enabling many of us to connect and become mates. Members are from all walks of life, different cultures, backrounds and so many different areas of work/emloyment.. However, the passion for fishing connects many of us as its a lifelong hobby. I have seen some bad members on this site to who have given other members (including Mick) much grief. Thankfully they have move on or due to actions of Mick and the Mods they have been removed. The many good members far outweigh those and that is a significant factor that i believe drives Micks passion to keep this site going.

I have not posted as often as i should since last year (changed jobs)'and cannot have my phone on me at work plus shifts make it difficult to have time to post up.
When I had my boat, Mick and other members helped heaps & the sponsors were great!
This is what makes this site amazing. The mods continue to do great work to ensure that Posts are kept positive and subject kept on topic.
One of the most memorable events ( probably the first game fishingevent) was in 2008 at Bermagui, 6 boats 25 people including families, 3 accomodation areas, 1.2 acres of land, private boat ramp, 2 morrings, backgarden was the Bermagui river; heaps of fish and marlin...
Im sure everyone has their most memorable mrfisho event :)
Keep up the good work Mick, Anita the mods and members that help out!
Well done.

Cheers - Roger

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